The Hockey Hall of Fame

Recently some of the SkateNY crew had the pleasure of traveling to Toronto, Canada to take in the sights and try out some rinks. Although Toronto is not the skating mecca that Montreal is, there are some notable skating attractions; the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) is one of them.

Located at the intersection of Yonge and Front Streets in downtown Toronto, entrance to the HHOF is through the lower level portal in the mall adjacent to the building. The entrance is flanked with a display of hockey pucks from hockey venues around the world. Inside the HHOF are displays of hockey memorabilia, Olympics, NHL, and regional teams. One could easily spend hours to see every item on exhibit. Some highlights are in order:

The old part of the HHOF

The entrance, from the mall lower level

Current and past Stanley cups on display and Lord Stanley’s vault

Poster board: 100 years of Hockey

NHL Hall of Fame - Gretzky gets a lot of attention

A display of sticks and jerseys

Bobby Orr’s skates - in bronze

Full size model of an NHL locker room (of the Montreal Canadiens at the Forum)

Puck shoot practice rinks (no photo taken)

In our opinion, well worth the visit.

Last updated May 25, 2007.

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