Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada

Like the original Ice Hotel in Sweden, this is a hotel built from snow and ice, though on a slightly smaller scale. However, the Canadians have made a good thing better by adding an ice rink. You can put your skates on in a warming hut, then walk onto the ice where you can skate directly into the hotel and up to the Ice Bar. Unfortunately, the ice rink only lasted the winter of 2002, and has not been included in subsequent constructions.

Although the idea is the same, the layout and sculptures are different from the hotel in Sweden. Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada is more easily accessible - it is close to a metropolitan area (Quebec City), as well as closer to points in North America. During the Winter Carnival in Quebec City, there are shuttle buses available to the Ice Hotel. There are guided tours available of the Ice Hotel, both to day visitors and overnight guests.

See the story about ice hotels (dated August 2005).

(Photos from the winter of 2002)

The rink



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See a short video of skating at the Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada (Feb 2002) in MPEG (approx. 2.7MB).

See the Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada home page.

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