Lasker Ice Rink

Lasker Rink   Lasker Rink
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Open for the season.

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Outdoors, seasonal - Located at the north end of Central Park at 110 Street and Lenox Avenue. In the summer this is a public swimming pool, but in the winter they construct the rink. It is actually two rinks on one ice surface. One rink is devoted to the public skating sessions and the second is for other skating activities (like hockey). On the outside edge of both rinks is a Zamboni lift to raise the resurfacer from the ice surface (the bottom of the pool) to the promenade, where it can make its journey to the other rink. The ice is resurfaced several times during the day. The admission price is very reasonable - it is basically cheap skate night all the time. Inside, the locker room is spacious - there are many lockers and benches for changing. Bring your own padlock since there are no coin lockers. There is a snack bar and video games. Figure skates are available as rentals.
-- written Jan 24, 2001 (last visit before write-up Jan 20)
-- updated Oct 25, 2001

See the Lasker web site for more information.

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