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Madison Square Garden   Madison Square Garden   Madison Square Garden
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Indoors - Located above Penn Station in Manhattan. Garden information phone number 212 465-MSG1. One NHL hockey rink, home rink of the New York Rangers. This isn't your typical public session or rink, but once a year the Rangers have a skating party for the season subscribers. This year there were several 30 minute sessions - which is really too short considering the effort it takes to get on the ice. In previous years, the sessions were longer. Once in the facility, you are escorted to a carpeted area where you put your skates on. This is a no-frills skate - no lockers, no rentals, no skate guards. Cameras and camcorders are welcome. The ice was excellent and resurfaced between sessions. Concession stands were open for snacks and refreshments. After the skate, you can go on a tour of the locker rooms and view memorabilia from the teams that play at MSG.
-- written Jan 16, 2004 (last visit before write-up Oct 27, 2003)

See a short video of skating at Madison Square Garden (Oct 27, 2003) in MPEG (approx. 2.9MB)

See the New York Rangers web site for more information.

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