Newbridge Arena

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Indoors - Located in Bellmore, Long Island at the south end of Newbridge Road in Newbridge Park. One full-sized, hockey rink. When you enter the facility you notice a very busy central lobby. Within it are a pro shop, snack bar, arcade games, skate rental booth, and changing area. The centerpiece of the lobby is a wonderful, working (in winter) circular fireplace. They play pop music from a local radio station and it seems that they won't mind if you wear a walkman. There are coin lockers (cost 50 cents). Parking is free and plentiful.
-- written May 23, 2001 (based on visit on May 18)
-- updated Oct 25, 2001

See a short video of skating at Newbridge Arena (May 18, 2001) in Quicktime (approx. 4.3MB) or MPEG (approx. 4.6MB) format. (Quicktime player available from Apple.)

Check the Newbridge Arena web site for more information.

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