SeaSkate Pavilion, aka Ocean on Ice

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Whereabouts unknown - the rink is no longer on the Boardwalk.

Indoors - Located in front of Trump's World's Fair on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is a full sized hockey rink. The ice is hard, in good condition and well maintained. Hockey skaters should like it. The structure which the rink is housed in is somewhat unique. There are buildings on both ends of the rink. A canvas awning between the buildings covers the rink. In addition, there are several doorways (in the canvas) on the Boardwalk side of the rink which passers-by can stop and watch the skaters. Conversely, skaters can look out onto the Boardwalk and see the people strolling by. On the opposite side of the rink is a set of windows with a wonderful view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. We visited the rink on a Saturday afternoon. It was crowded with children and we found it difficult to skate. I imagine that this would be a great place to skate during the week, as the children are in school and most people go to Atlantic City to gamble - not to skate, so it should be empty. The admission policy here is unusual - you get a wrist band which allows you access to the rink all day. You can, for example, skate for a hour, take a stroll on the Boardwalk, then return to skate some more. Skate rental, both hockey and figure, is available. There is a food service. The vending machines for drinks have some of the best prices on the Boardwalk. There are several places for parents to sit and watch their children skate. Lockers are available and cost 50 cents. They play a mix of contemporary pop music.
-- written Mar 9, 1998 (last visit before write-up Feb 21)

Some pictures of the rink on the Virtual Boardwalk Tour from the inside and from the outside.

The schedule from the 1997/98 season:
SeaSkate schedule

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