Staten Island War Memorial Rink

War Memorial Rink   War Memorial Rink
War Memorial Rink   War Memorial Rink   War Memorial Rink
War Memorial Rink   War Memorial Rink

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Indoors - Located in Clove Lake Park in Staten Island. The rink is situated lake-side in the park and is enclosed in a giant white bubble, similar to a tennis bubble. The entrance to the facility is a circular brick building adjacent to the bubble. Inside the lobby is a wonderful display of Lionel trains. Why it is there is anybody's guess but it definitely adds character and it's fun to watch. Also within the circular building are the snack bar, skate rental, vending machines and rest rooms. To get to the rink you need to leave the building through the doors marked "Not An Exit." This will place you in the area where the coin lockers (50 cents) are. Then pass through revolving doors into the heated bubble to get to the rinks. Inside the bubble are two rinks, Rink A and Rink B, right next to each other on the same sheet of ice. One is for the advanced skaters and the other is for beginners and children. The ice was smooth and soft; obviously well maintained as they resurfaced it in the middle of the session. There isn't a parking lot but there seemed to be ample free parking in the neighborhood. Warning: Everyone must sign a waiver before being allowed to skate. Those under 18 need an adult (parent) to sign it, as well - either at the rink in the presence of rink personnel or the signature must be notarized.
-- written Feb 4, 2000 (last visit before write-up Jan 16)
-- updated Oct 25, 2001

See the City of New York/Parks & Recreation web site for more information.

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